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A-List Nannies takes pride in the extensive work and service that we provide for families. We carefully screen each candidate based on their professional work experience, education, personal attributes and personality to ensure morality and longevity. A-List Nannies strives to go above and beyond for families by providing an extensive background screening for families by a Private Investigator, regardless of employment duration. Our step-by-step process is structured as follows:


You reach out to us.

Family interview

A-List Nannies will inform you about the process of placing one of our registered professionals to help with your families needs. We discuss all of your expectations, requirements, job criteria, hours, pay, and other very important information you should know during your search. Due to the unfortunate circumstances due to COVID-19, we are conducting all interviews through a virtual platform.


A-List Nannies Requires a registration fee of $185 to begin our recruitment and extensive screening process. We can now begin to network within our community of registered professionals to find the right match. The registration fee will be applied to your placement service fee.


Registered A-List Nannies get priority job notifications. We also advertise all job openings on our website, social media sites, and directly to our A-List Nannies database. We only consider A-List Nannies within our network if their past work experiences match your requirements. We understand that your time is very valuable; we only share the most qualified applicants with you.

Interview an A-Lister

When our families decide who their top candidates are, we arrange the interviews. Due to the unfortunate circumstances due to COVID-19, we encourage families interview candidates through a virtual platform.


We require our families provide a trial-period for their top candidate(s). A trial-period is important for families and candidates. This allows families to see how candidates uniquely interact with their families and provide the utmost care. It’s very common for a family to provide a trial-period for 4-8 hours on a single given day, sometimes more. A-List Nannies does not charge an additional fee to arrange this. We require that families pay our A-Listers directly.


A-List Nannies will follow up with families regarding their trial-period and support them with any further questions.

And the winner is...

Once families decide on who the right fit is for them, we will notify the A-Lister.

Work agreement

Our owner will draft a work agreement for all families and employees. We also give payroll company recommendations to ensure legal compliance for your household employee. Once the work agreement is signed, our work is done - CONGRATULATIONS!

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